The Creed (3) - on the Holy Spirit

QPosted on: Tue Dec 11, 2012

6Duration: 10:00 mins

"My own answer to the question of why so few Christians experience the Holy Spirit is this: the Holy Spirit is experienced mainly in divinely inspired action, but very few Christians are willing to surrender to such action, a surrender that is associated with genuine love of God, with sacrifice and the renunciation of the deceptive love of evil. Many of us, to a greater of lesser extent, are like the people that Jesus first encounters in the Gospels. We want God to help us and to heal us - but mainly so that we can then get on with our lives in peace and prposperity. God will, of course, help us often in material ways, but God wants us to go further than this. He wants us to surrender our whole lives over to Him, to really be able to say "thy will be done", not in the manner of a slave but in the manner of a beloved child. This surrender is an entirely different matter from merely asking for gifts, and it is something that we tend to find very hard. This difficulty of this surrender is, I think, why the coming of the Holy Spirit is the final revelation of the Godhead and happens only on the far side of Calvary, the ultimate surrender to the will of God in love."

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